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The Country Club Edition


In the heart of Morocco's enchanting landscapes, where the ancient whispers of tradition harmonize with the modern rhythms of luxury, Beldi Country Club stands as a testament to an elite retreat, embodying the very essence of a life well-lived. In this exclusive edition of our MAATÏ MAATÏ Magazine, we delve into the opulent symphony that is "The Country Club Edition," capturing the extraordinary connection between the timeless allure of Beldi and the spiritual luxury ethos of MAATÏ MAATÏ.

Picture this: the air imbued with the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms, an olfactory overture that welcomes visitors into the embrace of Beldi's refined oasis. The sprawling gardens play host to dignified donkeys, turkeys and many more animal friends, adding a touch of charm that seamlessly intertwines with the club's sophisticated ambiance. As you wander through the manicured grounds, the allure of the past beckons from the classical pools, where the echoes of an era gone by dance on the water's surface.

Our MAATÏ MAATÏ journey at Beldi transcended the ordinary, capturing moments where spiritual luxury met the epitome of high-end elegance. The sacred Hamam rituals plus the private bath tubs on the old traditional terraces offer a self love sanctuary of serenity, where we held our MAATÏ MAATÏ Full Moon Community Ceremony moonifesting in the team our milestones for the year ahead, while allowing ourselves to immerse in the art of meditative relaxation amidst the breathtaking Moroccan scenery. It is in these special and unforgettable moments that the magic yet luxury classy surrounding of Beldi intertwines effortlessly with the Spiritual Luxury philosophy of MAATÏ MAATÏ. Coming onto THE MAT. Feeling your Block is Your Blessing.

Beldi's commitment to preserving luxury tradition mirrors MAATÏ MAATÏ's dedication to marrying ancient wisdom with contemporary luxury influences and design. The juxtaposition of modern luxury against the backdrop of classical chic and nature's bounty creates a canvas upon which the ethos of spiritual luxury is painted with finesse.

Each photograph becomes a window into the soul of Beldi Country Club - how we as MAATÏ MAATÏs spent our time here at this gem. The sleek lines of our luxury cork yoga mats, blocks and shawls find themselves at home in this exclusive setting, a testament to the seamless blend of style and the highest best quality – principles that both Beldi and MAATÏ MAATÏ hold dear.

As we unveil this curated experience, the relaxed, laid-back vibe of Beldi and the highest best quality of MAATÏ MAATÏ become synonymous, creating a tapestry of refined indulgence and timeless elegance. Dive in - dive deep...and enjoy your vacay!

Bisouxxx L & your entire MAATÏ MAATÏ-Crew

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