Your Amazing Autumn Agenda

Your Amazing Autumn Agenda


September is here and fall is just around the corner.

So: What do you need to prep yourself for an awesome autumn?

How to make this fall feel like flying? We guide you through! 

Amazing Autumn Agenda
...For your Flying Fall! 

  1. Out we go! Fresh Air, hello! Especially when summer is coming to the end, we usually feel like staying home more and more and hey yeah, comfy times are good and ahead – but take some walks. Build your strong routine now to follow through also during autumn and winter time: Keep on connecting with nature on your weekends to prepare yourself for the darker, colder season by going for walks! At least once per week: Nature Walking!

  2. When the spark and light and sun is missing: Choose gold! In everything - golden autumn walks, golden tumeric latte and also dress...golden! Let yourself shine like a goddess! DRESS UP! SHOW UP! SHINE! Why? Energetically Gold is one of the highest vibing colors and spiritual people even say it has healing frequencies. The highest best! We sure about you know our energized jewelry line already, that does not only shine on the outside, but also gives some sparkling support from within with the help of Greek Goddesses and Gods..? So: how do you feel today? Our designs are channeled and energized with different supportive topics such as Aphrodite – Unconditional Love, Zeus – to awaken your inner god or Uranos for some heavenly connection...just to name a few. So yeah – there are options to let yourself shine brighter from within. Ready for that spark? Check the last available pieces of our ORACLE OF DELPHI Collection here!

  3. Autumn is the season of endings – where cycles are closing. Not only in nature, but also energywise. Goodbyes can be so beautiful when choosing consciously as they create space for something new. So see this season as a Cleansing Phase! How to support this process? Smudging is something truly powerful in this season to support this purifying process during that season. Read about how to smudge it right in our description of our Cleansing Kit here!

  4. So...after having created new space with some powerful smudging cleansing: Trying out new things to welcome the new! A new hobby, something you never had done before! Singing, Tango dancing, bouldering, horse riding, book a crazy workshop you never did before... get creative! Why? While trying out new things, you set some fresh energy free and you welcome already your next level version of yourself....guiding your own right direction...and cozy seasons are perfect for new hobbies!

  5. Last but not least....GET COMFY! How? What about a good warm chilled hoodie, that gives support and love? Hell yesssssss....that´s all we need for this Welcome the comfy Season, to invité relaxation. How about combining this energetically with upleveling vibes to truly fly high? WRAP YOURSELF IN CONSCIOUSNESS! Homecoming. Rising. Affirmation Amore Sweater Swag...Times never have been more perfect for our latest drop.....THE WEAR. Our very first collection, the affirmation amore sweater. Check that piece to wear your daily reminder of affirmations to level up now!


You ready to fly high into this fall? Yes, Angel!
See you there, in this amazing autumn of awareness! 

One Love, 
Your soulMAATÏs

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