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Apollon | Ἀπόλλων - The Amulett

Apollon | Ἀπόλλων - The Amulett


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For Creativity on the heart level

Be the creator of your life - flow in creativity and build the life you have wished for in a playful way.

Creativity as a healing power - to find creative new ways of living, finding creative solutions, truly being the creator of your consciously chosen life - hands on!

 The earrings Apollon are one of our bestsellers of our Jewelry line, so we listened to your wish, beloved soulMAATÏs, and developed another holistic piece under this energetic topic, which is so absolutely reflecting the time quality we are living in at the moment on an even deeper level:  Creating a self-led life in the flow state on the heart level. Apollon - The Amulett. For Creativity on all levels.

The earrings worn around the head are energetically focussed on the mind and thoughts - for flowing creativity in our thinking.

This Amulett goes energetically deeper: integrating a creative way of living our consciously chosen life on the heart level. Worn above the heart chakra, the Ascended Master energy of Apollon will give you support and help you transform outdated ways of feeling how you “should” live a life influenced by outer circumstances, society’s and belief systems. Transforming these into a free, very personal and intuitively chosen life, that you fully create for living your truest and 111% authentic version. 

Apollon is the Olympian god of creativity, music, poetry, art, oracles, design and flexibility. His topic is creativity and the principle of being in the flow. The energy of Apollon opens us up to the diversity of opportunities available and we can access new ideas and viewpoints. Access to knowledge from past lives is revealed. We can connect to our own experiences and to the treasure of experience shared by other people. The Apollon Energy strengthens our individual responsibility in the process of creation and social behavior – to follow our individual path, finding creative new solutions, but also going “hand in hand” socially, creating a community with like-minded souls. Its qualities also include ease, playfulness and freedom. Where we have an ‘energy jam’ or are holding on too tightly, it helps things to flow again and brings agility back into our bodies and lives. It strengthens the playful trust of our inner child and enhances our heart’s communication. Apollon supports you in creating the playful life in freedom, you always wanted to live.


  • Creating “hands on” the life you have always wished for - on the heart level
  • Creativity as a healing power (finding creative solutions for your challenges and also finding healing in the act of creation itself) 
  • Creativity and self-expression
  • Playfulness, ease, cheerfulness
  • Agility
  • restoring flow
  • connecting with the knowledge of our soul and also
  • like- minded souls to build  a community “hand in hand”

The Amulett is energized by MAATÏ MAATÏ founder Leonie Lepenos. She works as an High Life Energy Healer and is Ascended Master Medium.

Handcrafted solid brass made bracelet gold plated with 24 Karat Gold. Hand made by Ketut, a Balinese angel and friend of Leonie herself in Indonesia.

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