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THE CAP Spiritual Luxury

THE CAP Spiritual Luxury


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An ode to our slogan, philosophy and motto since 2017, that channeled and founded medium and our founder Leonie Lepenos: Spiritual Luxury. It is the Value System behind our brand and the secret how she guided MAATÏ MAATÏ through the past few years and brought heaven on earth through manifested energy and healthy sustainable high frequencies into the material world. Spiritual Luxury - a movement of allowing ourselves to shift a belief system: spirituality can be lived in an abundant, beautiful, rich way. Allowing ourselves to experience it all - that’s what a real rich life is all about. A rich life for the soul. To show a higher attitude. To stand up for the higher version of this world.  A reminder - to keep believing  and leveling up, elevating the globe. With our thoughts, our powerful mind, that can create abundance for everyone. A cap to protect and remind you of your truest essence- in abundance. For opening up to all possibilities, chances and miracles that await you in this life. The luxury of living a spiritual life. Allow yourself to live a rich life on all levels. Your soul will celebrate. 

10%  go to our community of THE SACRED SPACE in Berlin. To offer free energy healings for people in need, who can’t afford healers.

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