What´s the historical meaning of Advent? A conscious ritual

What´s the historical meaning of Advent? A conscious ritual

This is an invite to conscious Advent celebrations and the deeper dive into the historical meaning. Advent means “arrival” and signifies the start of an event or the arrival of a person. ❤️ In Christian communities around the world, Advent refers to a four-week season of remembering and celebrating the arrival of Jesus on Earth. The hanging of the greens is for example a tradition that carries the symbolism of everlasting life (evergreen wreath)  We at MAATÏ MAATÏ celebrate Christmas as what we love the most of all these religious traditions in different cultures and religions is the conscious belief of something positive, something bigger, the source, love, light - believing in the unknown. In the magic. In miracles. ❤️ And this is what we believe in, too. 

Jesus for example was also an Ascended Master, who once has lived and his energy can still be felt today. And as some of you might know our founder Leonie is also an Ascended Master Medium and channels these energies and work a lot with them in her workshops and healing retreats. and also when designing some products (she dedicated for example THE SHAWL Alpha Omega to the Jesus energy (Check here

In many religions saints are honoured - those saints were people who often were healers or carriers of the light. So today on this 1st Advent we invite you to celebrate the arrival of more of these healers and light carriers in the future! The arrival of the light. That hope - the arrival of the new world, of love, of light. 

Leonie, founder of MAATÏ MAATÏ, recommends to light that advent candle therefore truly consciously today.

Make a sacred ritual out of that candle you light today:

1. Take a silent moment, create a peaceful atmosphere, play some calming music and switch of the lights

2. Light the candle mindfully

3. See how this little burning flame enlights the entire room

4. Visualize how you how you spread that light in the darkness by lighting the candle - metaphorically - light your inner light, become that candle - become the light to spread that into the world.

5. Welcoming more and more light in the future. Manifest  a peaceful world, wars will be ended, there will be enough for everyone of us. We will live in harmony, peace, health, abundance, love and prosperity. Visualize this New World: feel it, spread that energy.

6. Look into the burning flame for a couple of minutes and meditate (with your eyes open looking into the burning flame) about that new peaceful feeling state - sinking in. Become soft, become love, become light.

Happy conscious advent, beloved soulMAATÏs!


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